Supporting Families with the Theory of Change

Strong families are the foundation for strong communities.

When parents succeed, children succeed and vice-versa. A two-generation approach to supporting families ensures that both generations are receiving the support needed to make positive progress together.

This whole family approach to supporting families recognizes that reaching large goals — and maintaining them — is dependent upon meeting the needs of all members of a family. Central Missouri Community Action uses the Whole Family Approach whenever possible to ensure that both the adults in a family and the children have what they need to not only succeed but to thrive.

The Whole Family Approach reflects CMCA’s Theory of Change for families and communities and is based upon helping families succeed in three areas.

Each of these three areas is supported by programs and services offered through CMCA. When families achieve success in these areas, they are more likely to become self-sufficient, positively impacting their own lives and the community in which they live.