Cooper County/Howard County

Family Resource Center


345 W Ashley Rd

Boonville MO 65233

Cheri Cherry: 660-882-5601

Cooper — Clubhouse Head Start

Krescenz Hundley: 660-882-7510

Glasgow Head Start

Mellissa Frevert: 660-338-2012

Howard — Fayette Early Head Start

Mellissa Frevert: 660-248-2227

Boonville Estates

380 Boone Village Dr #13

Boonville, MO 65233

Phone : 660-882-3589


Cooper & Howard Community Action Teams (CAT)

Workforce Development CAT

Serve the people of the Boonslick area through facilitating conversations, developing strategic partnerships, and hosting life-skill and workforce readiness training and events for the purpose of strengthening economic health.

Basic Needs CAT

Identify the basic needs of individuals and families throughout the Boonslick area and help provide or connect them to resources to meet those needs.

Foster Care CAT

Serve the needs of foster children in our area by increasing awareness throughout the community of the need for increased foster placement and safe spaces for children served by the Children’s Division.