Senior Volunteer Opportunities

Senior Corps Foster Grandparents

The foster grandparent program provides an opportunity for older men and women to interact with children through active involvement at locations such as nonprofit day care centers, Head Start, state-supported facilities, public and private schools, and home settings. The “grandparents” serve youth with exceptional and special needs.

Americorps logoAny successful program involving human interaction has specific goals. The main purpose of the foster grandparent program is to serve children and to support the work of teachers and child care providers. Volunteers also add a note of informality and intimacy to the site location. Learn more about this national program.

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Retired Senior Volunteer Program

The AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP program pairs individuals aged 55 and older with organizations making change in Cooper County. Volunteers who serve in our RSVP program choose how, where, and when they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours to 40 hours per week. Volunteers become a solution to local, regional, and national challenges by supporting individuals and agencies in their neighborhoods.

RSVP volunteers learn new skills, make new friends and become more active in their communities. Volunteer qualifications (time, talent, and experience) are matched with the needs of area nonprofit and governmental organizations. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers report better health and longevity having served their community.

How Does the Program Work? 

Each potential RSVP volunteer meets with a member of the staff and completes an enrollment form and an interest inventory. Then the staff member visits with the individual about their interests and time available for volunteer assignments. The volunteer and staff review the opportunities that are available.

Based on the time commitment and the qualifications for the various volunteer positions, the volunteer decides which assignment they would like to pursue. After a volunteer chooses an activity of interest, a staff member will arrange for the volunteer to meet with the station supervisor from the agency. During the interview, the supervisor provides detailed information about the volunteer activity. The interview provides an opportunity for the volunteer to learn more about the assignment and for the supervisor to determine if the volunteer has the necessary qualifications for the position.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Contact Us to Learn More

Tim Echternach, RSVP Program Manager

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Central Missouri Community Action
345 West Ashley Rd. Boonville, MO 65233
Office: 660.882.5601  | Cell: 660.324.0803

The Cooper County RSVP is funded through an AmeriCorps Seniors grant, providing approximately 70% of the operational funds for the project. The other 30% comes from match dollars through Cooper county and Central Missouri Community Action.