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The ShowMe Healthy Relationships Program offers free courses for individuals who would like to learn more about healthy relationships. The courses are designed to help those that are not in a committed relationship learn how to identify the qualities that make a healthy partner, and how to communicate and maintain relationships. Participants also learn how parenting, finances, and personal well-being impact their healthy relationship choices.

About our Classes

Does a meaningful relationship feel out of reach? Are you in an, “It’s complicated” situation? It can be easy to know what you don’t want from a partner, but how do you decide what you DO want? And what do you do when you find someone who’s a great fit for you? Try a new approach with ShowMe Healthy Relationships!  
Our free classes use Within My Reach, an 8-week program designed to help you learn safe emotional and physical relationship qualities, build healthy communication and conflict management skills, and understand your expectations and needs for a future relationship. We also explore stepfamily life, co-parenting, commitment, and financial decision-making in relationships.
Our classes put you in charge of deciding what belongs in your future relationship, instead of sliding into common relationship pitfalls.  

What can I expect to get from these classes? 

Within My Reach is based on over 35 years of research on relational health and success. People who complete these classes report improved communication skills, conflict management, and positive connections. Within My Reach also helps people develop and maintain safer relationships. You will learn skills to build a great relationship and keep it going! Other benefits people have experienced include better parenting and father involvement. Whether you are a parent or could be in a relationship with a parent one day, our classes prepare you to build a strong future for yourself and your children.

Participants in the 8-week program will attend for 2-hours each week while working with a Facilitator and Program Coach to: 

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