Get Involved

Community organizing is the art of bringing people together on behalf of and/or in response to a common community interest. It is designed to create power in and for a community. Community organizers provide learning opportunities that focus on the realities of poverty at the local level.

Your gift of time or financial support will make a meaningful and lasting difference in our community!

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A gift of just $25 will provide diapers for a low-income mother and her new baby.

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$50 will provide a car seat for a child.

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$100 will help a family who needs help getting back on their feet find a safe place to stay for a few days.

Ways to Give

One in three people is just one financial crisis away from living in poverty. One of these people could be someone you know personally! If you want to ensure that people who find themselves in poverty have a chance to move out of it, find your county and see what resources they lack that you could provide.


As a CMCA volunteer, you can join a Community Action Team (CAT) to address local causes and conditions of poverty. You can also support children and families in Head Start as a classroom volunteer. Finally, our foster grandparent program provides ample opportunities for low-income seniors to make a meaningful difference in their community. These are just some of the ways that a donation of your time can help us help others.


As a CMCA donor, you will provide financial support to provide crisis intervention and to give individuals and families support to get back on their feet. Your gift will support programs that use a person-centered approach to strengthen the social fabric of communities and positively influence outcomes for individuals and communities.