Offered in partnership with the Missouri Department of Social Services, SkillUp helps SNAP recipients obtain skills, training, education, and employer connections that lead to employment and on-the-job success.

SkillUP - A light of hope in the darkness

My name is Chelle and because of COVID I became unemployed for 303 days. Before COVID I managed two physician clinics. I have worked since I was 18-years-old, and because I had a professional career I felt protected from being laid off.  But COVID changed my life and the lives of so many others. During my career I have always been dedicated to helping others and sharing resources. I never expected that one day I would need those same resources. 

I learned about the SkillUP program from a Facebook post. I began thinking I may need to look at a different career path or receive specialized training. It felt like what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed a different perspective.  I completed the online form and immediately received a phone call. Lacey introduced herself as my contact and I was greeted with compassion, understanding, and support. We looked at available jobs together frequently and Lacey made sure that I knew of available jobs when they became available. She also connected me to resources that made my life easier while unemployed. I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders because I felt supported. It took 303 days and over 75 resumes before I was offered a job but today I am working again! Lacey and the SkillUP program were a light of hope during a very dark time for me. 

More about SkillUP

SkillUP is a program for Food Stamp recipients to gain skills, training, or work experience.

Together with SkillUP you can:

  • Explore short-term career training.
  • Receive help to pay for career training.
  • Simplify your job search.
  • Improve your resume and interviewing skills.
  • Receive support to achieve your goals.

Advice from Chelle – A Successful SkillUP Participant

  • Call Central Missouri Community Action and ask about resources available. You’ll feel much better after you call – I know I did. 

  • If you’re unemployed, ask about the SkillUp program. The training through the program could help you discover a new favorite career you can build upon.  

  • Asking for help can feel hard, but getting help is working smarter, not harder – it allows you to focus on reaching your goals.

  • The caring individuals at CMCA provide encouragement and support.

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