SkillUp – Partners in your success!

Offered in partnership with the Mo Department of Social Services, SkillUp helps SNAP recipients obtain skills, training, education, and employer connections that lead to employment and on-the-job success.

SkillUp - a light of hope during a dark time.

My name is Chelle and because of COVID I became unemployed for 303 days. Before COVID I managed two physician clinics. I have worked since I was 18-years-old, and because I had a professional career I felt protected from being laid off.  But COVID changed my life and the lives of so many others. During my career I have always been dedicated to helping others and sharing resources. I never expected that one day I would need those same resources. 

I learned about the SkillUp program from a Facebook post. I began thinking I may need to look at a different career path or receive specialized training. It felt like what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed a different perspective.  I completed the online form and immediately received a phone call.  Lacey introduced herself as my contact and I was greeted with compassion, understanding, and support. We looked at available jobs together frequently and Lacey made sure that I knew of available jobs when they became available. She also connected me to resources that made my life easier while unemployed. I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders because I felt supported.  It took 303 days and over 75 resumes before I was offered a job but today I am working again! Lacey and the SkillUp program were a light of hope during a very dark time for me! 

More about SkillUP

SkillUp is a program for Food Stamp recipients to gain skills, training or work experience.

Together with SkillUp you can:

  • Explore short-term career training.
  • Receive help to pay for career training.
  • Simplify your job search.
  • Improve your resume and interviewing skills.
  • Receive support to achieve your goals.
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Still Not Sure SkillUp is for You?

Advice from a SkillUp participant

  • Take a deep breath and know you’re not alone and you will get through this.
  • Call Central Missouri Community Action and ask about resources available.  
  • If you’re unemployed, ask about the SkillUp program. The training through the program could help you discover a new favorite career you can build upon.  
  • Don’t feel embarrassed for needing help or asking for help.  
  • We all need help sometimes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 
  • Asking for help can feel hard, but getting help is working smarter, not harder – it allows you to focus on reaching your goals.
  • I wish I had reached out after the first week of being unemployed instead of trying to figure everything on my own.
  • The caring individuals at CMCA provide encouragement and support. 
  • You’ll feel much better after you call – I know I did.


Contact Lacey 

  • Call – 573-635-4480 ext 2506
  • Email –  LaceyT@cmca.us
  • Text – 573-203-8713


Contact Mia

  • Call – 573.443.8706, ext. 1052
  • Email – Miap@cmca.us
  • Text – 573-200-6642