Support for Families

We believe a goal-oriented, relational, and whole family approach can change lives over time.

Our goal is to help individuals and families achieve self-reliance. As a leader in the movement to end poverty, CMCA offers programs and services to support low-income families using a whole family approach. This approach helps families improve family well-being, build economic stability, and develop healthy and lasting social connections. Each of these elements fosters the other and provides a comprehensive foundation for families.

If you, or someone you know, needs support, we can help!

Low-income families who work with CMCA have opportunities to:

No matter the need, CMCA is committed to providing the support and services needed to help low-income families not only survive but thrive!

Start Your Own Business

Research shows that one of the most effective ways to improve the economic security for a person living in poverty is to help them start their own business. Studies show that entrepreneurship generally provides a higher income for low-income individuals than traditional jobs. To facilitate entrepreneurship, CMCA offers the Missouri Women’s Business Center. This innovative center provides education and support for women (and men) seeking to start or grow a business.

The Missouri Women’s Business Center is a catalyst for economic development in our community by providing resources, support, and networks. Our offerings include classes, workshops, networking opportunities, individualized business counseling, and other programs.

Community Complaint Policy

At Central Missouri Community Action we are committed to building relationships to empower people, strengthen resilience, and improve quality of life for all members of the community. Sometimes we don’t meet that commitment and sometimes we downright miss the mark. If this has happened to you, we have a Community Complaint Policy to make it better. If you are reading this, you are part of the community we are trying to improve. We want your experience with CMCA to be positive and we want to hear from you when it is not.

Community Complaint Policy